Open Software Projects

This is a list of known Open Software Projects:

  • HashCash - The first completely private, permissionless, true digital cash system.

  • NoodlePay - Send Bitcoin payments from an air-gapped mobile wallet.

  • Unsnoopable - Completely unsnoopable messaging between air-gapped devices.

  • Business::Bitcoin - Perl module to accept Bitcoin payments online.

  • Business::HashCash - Perl module to accept HashCash payments online.

  • Authen::TuringImage - Perl module for image based Turing test (CAPTCHA).

  • Crypt::EC_DSA - Perl module for Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA).

  • Crypt::ECDSA::Blind - Perl module for blind ECDSA signatures.

  • Crypt::RSA::Blind - Perl module for blind RSA signatures.

  • Crypt::EECDH - Perl module for a simple ephemeral ECDH + AES hybrid cryptosystem.

  • Crypt::FDH - Perl module for full domain hash.

  • IPC::Queue::Duplex - Perl module for filesystem based request / response queue.

  • IPC::Serial - Perl module for message passing over serial ports.

Open Software Licenses

Open Artistic License 1.0

Similar to the Artistic License 2.0, without the re-licensing clause, and with a clause allowing for termination of the license to specific entities.

Open Artistic License 2.0

The same as the Open Artistic License 1.0, with an exclusion clause excluding criminal entities, governments, and anti-individual-rights entities.

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